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Choose from our range of options when staying over, from using your own camper/lorry to tents, caravans and cottages! You can browse the calendar to see availability. - See all availability in 'Accomodation'?

Cottage - The Hayloft (2 bedrooms, max 6 people)     
Cottage - The Granary (2 bedrooms, max 6 people)     
Cottage - The Parlour (1 bedroom, max 4 people)     
Cottage - Hill Holt (1 bedroom, max 4 people)     
Cottage - The Piggery (1 bedroom, max 4 people)     
Meadows Caravan (max 8 people)     
Silver Birch Caravan (max 6 people)     
Polyanna Narrow Boat (stationary) (max 4 people)     
Lakeview Caravan (max 8 people)     
The Paddocks (max 8 people)     
Glamping - Daisy [Sleeps 4]     
Glamping - Dory [Sleeps 4]     
Glamping - Darcey [Sleeps 4]     
Woodlands Caravan (max 6 people)     
Glamping - Delilah [Sleeps 2]     
Glamping - Daphne [Sleeps 2]     
Glamping - Dotty [Sleeps 2]     
Tent (your own)     
Tourer (your own - to stay in)     
Camper (your own - to stay in)     
Motor Home (your own - to stay in)     
Horse Lorry (your own - to stay in)     
Trailer (your own - to stay in)     

Early Arrival

On your day of arrival you can arrive from 10.30am if this option is selected. Does not include access to stables or paddocks until after 2pm and does not include early arrivals into human accommodation or Camping bay until 3pm. This is for early parking access to make use of the horse facilities or hacking to the beach. - See all availability in 'Early Arrival'?

Early Arrival (for all horses)     

Hot Tub Hire

Treat yourself to our Hot Tub - a 4-6 person Lazy Spa Vegas. The price per night will reduce the more nights you book, up to 5 nights - then you get the remainder of your stay for no extra cost. - See all availability in 'Hot Tub Hire'?

Hot Tub Hire     
Hot Tub Hire     
Hot Tub Multi-Night Discount     
Hot Tub Hire     

Equipment Hire

Capture memories like never before. - See all availability in 'Equipment Hire'?

Sorry, there is nothing available.

Equestrian Services

We have room for 29 guest horses. Price includes stable, paddock, hay, straw and unlimited use of facilities during your stay. You can book a space by selecting an available stable place. - See all availability in 'Equestrian Services'?


Paddocks are only available when our Stable capacity runs out. Paddocks- price includes paddock ONLY, hay and unlimited use of facilities during your stay. - See all availability in 'Paddocks'?

Horse Rental - Beach hire only

Beach ride using a horse supplied by Field Farm Over 16s only. Terms and conditions apply, horses are subject to availability. Experienced riders only - See all availability in 'Horse Rental - Beach hire only '?

Visitor Entry

You can visit us just for the day if you wish - we do special pricing for groups (contact us for more information) - See all availability in 'Visitor Entry'?

Cross Country 1Hr Visitor (no accom required)     
Horse Pass (per horse, per day)     


We do not charge for parking but we would like to know how many vehicles you are bringing to make sure we have capacity. If you intend to stay overnight in your vehicle then you MUST pay the charge per night under our accomodation choices. - See all availability in 'Parking'?

Horse Lorry (parking only - not to be stayed in)     

Camping Extra: Electric Hookup

Make your camping stay that bit more comfortable. Choose from these extras where they are available. - See all availability in 'Camping Extra: Electric Hookup'?

Dog Holidays

Bring your Dog on Holiday too! Dogs must be added at the time of booking. - See all availability in 'Dog Holidays'?

Booking Insurance

Protect against the unexpected and only lose your deposit if you have to cancel within 28days of the start of your Holiday - See all availability in 'Booking Insurance'?

Insurance for your Booking costs